These rules apply to all residents and their guests. Violations of these rules and all damage to common elements should be reported promptly to the Owner. In all cases requiring the judgment in the enforcement of these rules the judgment and determination of the Owner shall prevail. All tenants will be supplied a copy of these rules.


These rules are based on common sense and consideration for the rights and feelings of others so that the general atmosphere is friendly and pleasant. The Owner invites all residents to practice reasonable tolerance, remembering the close proximity in which we all live. No resident shall make or permit to be made any disturbing noise in the building or common areas by himself, his family, visitors or guests which could annoy or interfere with the rights, comforts and convenience of neighbors. Excessive noise of any type shall be avoided at all times. Radios, televisions, stereos, etc. must be played at reduced volumes between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. Excessive noise should be reported to the Owner. In particular, this applies to social gatherings, musical instruments, power tools, and children at play. It is the responsibility of each resident to inform guests not to park in assigned parking spaces unless prior arrangements have been made for such use.


Garbage, rubbish and other trash shall be disposed of only in the receptacles provided. Trash is not to be left outside the door to your apartment at any time. The Owner reserves the right to fine residents that repeatedly leave trash outside their apartment. Trash containing food shall be securely wrapped before being placed in a receptacle.

Hazardous wastes must be disposed of according to state and federal laws. No hazardous wastes, toxins or dangerous substances are to be disposed of in the dumpsters. This includes batteries, paints, oils, tires, etc.

Residents are responsible for removal of discarded furniture, appliances or other bulky items from the property. These items may not be placed in or around the dumpster cans.


Parents or legal guardians are responsible for the supervision of minors at all times. No activity shall be engaged in that will increase the insurance rate on any building within the property.


No unsightliness within the view of neighbors or the public is permitted within the premises. Items of personal property may only be stored within the apartment. Clothing, sheets, etc. should not be hung from the windows, rails, or balconies. The resident is responsible for keeping their patio/balcony in an orderly condition.


All pets must be registered with the Owner. A reasonable number of dogs, cats, and commonly accepted home-dwelling domestic animals that will be kept in the confines of the apartment are allowed under such conditions that are approved by the Owner. A reasonable number of pets is defined as two (2) i.e. two dogs, two cats, or one dog and one cat. Owners and handlers must immediately clean up any mess made by their pets on the property. Failure to clean up after pets may result in a fine charged to the tenant.

The Owner will verify all pet complaints. The Owner will determine if a pet has become a nuisance. Upon receipt of a signed complaint by other residents, or repeated complaints from a neighbor regarding pet noise, odor, or violation of these rules, the Owner may determine that the pet is a nuisance and direct the pet owner to remove it from the premises. In these situations, the pet must be removed within the time period specified by written notification by the Owner.


Any modification, addition, or change of common areas must be approved by the Owner. All building roofs are strictly off-limits except to authorized and trained personnel. No radio, television, or another antenna will be erected or installed on or anywhere within the premises. No building modification shall be allowed without the prior consent of the Owner. Request for approval or building modifications shall be submitted to the Owner


The common passageways must not be obstructed or used for any purpose other than ingress and egress. Storage is not allowed in the common passageways. Apartment renters are responsible for the actions of their family members and guests.